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CONTENTS Article - How many Same-Sex couples are there? Legislative reforms at the State/Territory and Commonwealth level have removed the majority of legal distinctions between same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples, recognising their relationships in matters such as superannuation, taxation, social security, inheritance, and support for veterans.

Explanatory information - Data sources and definitions - Endnotes Related terms: same sex couples, gay couples, same sex parents, same sex families, gay families, same sex relationship, same sex marriage, gay marriages, lesbian couples, gay relationships, lesbian relationship, Census data INTRODUCTION There has been increasing interest in same-sex couples within Australian society in recent years.

In the 15 years between 19, the number of same-sex couples more than tripled The increasing number of people identified as being in a same-sex relationship may reflect growing social acceptance.

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While this pattern may reflect increasing social acceptance in recent decades, or a growing number of same-sex relationships amongst younger people, it could also reflect differences in reporting behaviour, with older same-sex couples possibly more reluctant to report on the Census Form they are in a same-sex relationship.While they had relatively low numbers, people in same-sex couples (particularly women) reported higher than average rates of belonging to Spiritualism and Nature Religions (such as Paganism and Wiccan, both 2%). HIGHER LEVELS OF EDUCATION People in same-sex couples tend to be more highly educated than people in opposite-sex couples.For more information on the religion of people in same-sex couples, see Reflecting a Nation: Same-sex couple families (cat. In 2011, 42% of people in same-sex couples had a Bachelor degree or higher qualification, compared with 23% of people in opposite-sex couples.Nearly two-thirds (64%) of opposite-sex couples with children had two or more children living in the family, compared with 47% of same-sex couples with children.people in same-sex couples reported that they had no religion (48%), more than twice the proportion of people in opposite-sex couples (21%).

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