Sex chatbott updating world of warcraft addons

The first innovation, Victim Reachout, uses software to search for phone numbers in paid sex ads, then sends text messages offering exit services to the potential trafficking victims it identifies.

So far, it’s reached out to about 4,000 phone numbers of people potentially being harmed across 12 cities, resulting in 424 positive conversations in just one pilot city, including 42 in-person meetings where the individuals were offered exit and support services.

Let’s consider a young person who has questions about their sexual orientation.

It can be awkward, or even frightening, to ask parents or teachers, especially when even being just curious can have massive ramifications. Or, more importantly, who can you turn to without an agenda?

In an article for Quartz Media, Doug Robinson explored this possibility through an optimistic lens, especially in terms of respecting privacy and offering the freedom to inquire about sexual topics. It also arrives without a filter in regards to the real needs of the person looking for answers.

Totally non-judgemental, a sex ed chatbot could also be a form of—for lack of a better word—confessor, or even a therapist.

Each would be answered fully and in terms suited to each user’s language and education level, and also keyed to the location of nearby medical or psychological health services if desired.

Humans are still in the process of integrating digital assistants and chatbots into our lives—and some people are even becoming sexually attracted to them.

We are coming upon a time when there will exist the potential for anyone with a smartphone and an Internet connection to access a chatbot that could guide education and answer practically every question. That’s the key to the coming education revolution: confidentiality.

But there’s one field of learning in particular that could really benefit from chatbot teachers: the world of sex education. While the Internet is a vast store of useful information, it is useless unless the person doing the looking knows where to begin.

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