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New York Times's fascinating deep dive on cam girls from last September.These women dress up like film stars, labor over hair and makeup, and set up movie lights in their homes before getting to work in front of their webcams." data-reactid="29"'s fascinating deep dive on cam girls from last September.But personally I have this english worldwide-targeted website.

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Adding insult to injury, he asserts, "I only watch DVD porn now for my database." What a burden that must be.Although the risks inherent in all sex work, like exploitation and trafficking, will still obviously be present, at least cam girls seem to be in charge of what kinds of sex acts they'll perform.They're probably less at risk of being coerced or exploited by a director or costar, for the most part.All in all, the experience sounded pretty depressing — tipsy porn stars whispering pervy nothings in excitable fans' ears, shriveling attendance numbers, horrible Holocaust jokes.But what stuck out to us was one industry insider's assertion that porn stars as we know them are a thing of the past.

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