Secular dating sites

Every American I met who self-identified as "Christian" rather than giving a denomination seemed to be part of some supermegamicrochurch and either hellbent in saving the rest of us or very busy looking down his nose at us.

Christians maymayhave a better chance of finding someone who shares their faith and values on a dating site that explicitly bills itself as Christian, but there's no guarantee.

(Would YOU rate the risk/reward favorably, given the current state of Bradford?! While the secular sites vary in their terms of service I believe that at least on some of them you will receive sexual advances which you might find very offensive. If using a secular site, is it not possible to include religious beliefs and preferences in the match criteria? Even on the Christian sites, a Pre-Trib, Pre-Millennial, Dispensationalist could still bump into a Post-Milennialist or even a Papist, so those sites do not guarantee a rapturous marriage.

A mutual friend might set you up with someone else that they know. None of these will limit you to only religious partners, but presumably, that's something you find out pretty quickly in the process of getting to know each other.

should or should not do don't really know, they just THINK they know.

And of course they (think they) know that they are always right and everyone else is wrong. Most of the means of meeting prospective partners throughout history have been secular. You might go for a walk in a secular park and meet someone there.

Plus there's a not uncommon viewpoint that anything not explicitly Christian is of Satan.

The overwhelming majority of Americans are Christian, though not necessarily evangelical or even particularly devout.

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