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Meanwhile, costs have been coming down and the stock has recently significantly outperformed, up 150% year-to-date (as at 30 June 2016, in USD).

Until recently, Peru’s retail sector was one of the least mature in Latin America, and while retail penetration remains low, growth has picked up significantly.

SCL Junk Email folder threshold – we specify when we dump the email to the users junk-mail folder.

Now these are NOT recommendations below, As each organization is different.

Peru’s economy has traditionally been a reflection of its unique and varied geographical conditions.

To the south lies the Pacific Ocean, which helps support a booming fishing industry, while its mainland is abundant in copper, gold, silver, iron ore, petrol, timber, and coal.

However to configure these thresholds do the following.

First enable content filtering So above we delete emails with an SCL of 8 as they are obvious spam, we send a rejection to emails of an SCL of 7 ( I normally don’t enable this as it sends an NDR ) and we quarantine the emails at an SCL rating of 6, all other emails pass fine.

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As mention to enable the Anti Spam agent we must do it from power-shell, the command is below.SCL reject threshold – we specify when we reject an email into the organization.SCL quarantine threshold – we specify when we quarantine an email for inspection by an admin.This document, including any statements, information, data and content contained therein and any materials, information, images, links, sounds, graphics or video provided in conjunction with this document (collectively “Materials”) are being furnished by T.Rowe Price for your general informational purposes only.

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