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An accidentally meta moment occurs when, after Kelly and Jessie break up with their respective caddish beaus, Lisa sighs, "I'm gonna be on the phone a lot tonight," indirectly acknowledging her own status as a main character treated as an ancillary presence. "Masquerade Ball" (Episode 67) A relatively perfunctory episode. Sure, in the age of vodka butt-chugging and K2 overdoses, "teenager gets hooked on caffeine while prepping for a geometry quiz" seems tame — but, like, have you even seen the True Life episode "I'm Addicted to Caffeine"? Slater and Zack make a bet as to who's going to kiss late-series new-girl-at-school addition Tori first, there's another dance, Screech dresses up as Gumby, blah, blah, blah. At this point during the infamous "Malibu Sands" arc, where the gang spends part of their summer working at a beach resort, the plotlines have become so unimaginably stale (even for this show) that it practically has the audience begging to return to Bayside. "Save That Tiger" (Episode 16) Much like purgatory, Saved by the Bell is most effective as an isolated entity, its characters trapped in a scenario they're doomed to repeat, day after day.So this season-one finale — in which we get a taste of Bayside's rivalry with the nearby Valley school, complete with lunkheaded students and a prank-happy principal — feels alien and unnecessary.For those interested in digging through Saved by the Bell's more estimable moments, we've ranked every episode of the original series from worst to, well, least-worst.A few notes before we begin: We've combined two-parters into single episodes, ditched Saved by the Bell's short-lived precursor Good Morning, Miss Bliss, and ignored clip-show episodes with one notable exception (just wait for it). Jessie left a comment stating “I blame it all on Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell lol” Well Jessie, did you know that the actors who played Zack and Lisa (Mark and Lark) were a real life couple for 3 years (89-92)? I didn’t see the original (I watched from time to time but wasn’t an ardent fan) but apparently they just ignored this ever happened in the storyline and never went anywhere with it. Zack Morris dated Kelly Kapowski (off and on throughout the series) AC Slater dated Jessie Spano (off and on throughout the series) Screech Powers dated Violet Bickerstaff(seasons 2 and 3) Zack dated Stacy Carosi (Malibu Sands Beach Club episodes) Zack dated Tori Scott (final season) Zack dated ditzy Ginger (season 4) Zack dated JB Slater, AC's little sister (not sure which season) Kelly dated college guy Jeff (not sure which season) Zack dated Lisa (apparently for just one episode, "The Bayside Triangle") Zack also dated a bunch of random girls when he and Kelly were 'off'.

The show originally took place in Indiana and was placed in California after its title change from "Good Morning, Miss Bliss." 4.

Simpson, as well as a particularly painful flu shot administered to Mr. "The Game" (Episode 38) In this prequel to the classic David Fincher thriller … Anyway: the "Malibu Sands" arc continues apace with — what else?

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Despite it all, though, Saved by the Bell has persisted.

Syndication in a pre-streaming era deserves a bit of credit for this unlikely feat, as endless early-morning and late-afternoon airings on TBS in the late '90s provided plenty of palatable entertainment for breakfast TV sessions and latchkey-kid hangs alike.

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