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Despite his lack of acting experience, Grint pulled out all the stops to land the part of Ron Weasley.

"I'd sent in one application and had heard nothing back," he remembers.

Rupert Grint's father, Nigel Grint, is a racing memorabilia dealer, and his mother, Jo Grint, is a homemaker.

Rupert Grint says that his first ambition in life was to become an ice cream man.

It’s a pretty well known fact that Rupert Grint and Ed Sheeran look alike — we’re still banking on the fact that they’re actually twins separated a birth.

He recalls, "The strangest moment was when I went back to school to finish my exams after filming the first movie.

Rupert goes on to reveal that he has another celeb connection too — he’s “very distantly” related to singer Robbie Williams.

Actor Rupert Grint was born on August 24, 1988, in Harlow, Essex, England.

"So I figured there was nothing to lose by being a little inventive. There was a rap about myself; I dressed up as a woman and did a little sketch in the character of my drama teacher, then I read some Ron Weasley dialogue." His comic self-marketing paid off and Grint became the envy of redheads worldwide when, at the age of 10, he landed the part of Ron Weasley, a leading role in one of the most anticipated film adaptations in history.

Grint speaks with awe about his first experiences on the set of .

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