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It seems only fitting that disgusting acts should carry their own penalty, something that repays the perpetrator for his perfidy.

The notion of such contacts leaving the deviant’s genitals crawling with maggots satisfies our urge to see justice in kind.

After a few days she starts feeling itchy in her privates.

Se goes to the doctor's thinking she must of caught a sd off her ex.

When she gets there she sees he works at a funeral parlor, but there's a big funeral going on, so she decides she'll contct him later. He tells her that the rash is caused by a kind of louse that is most commonly found in the bodies of the recently deceased.

When she goes to confront the necrophiliac the next day, she is told that he has died of an untreatable parasitic infection.

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Every society has its taboos, and engaging in sexual acts with the dead is one of our big ones.

She goes to the doctor and he takes some samples and tells her to find the guy.

She goes back to the house where the party took place, and the guy who lives there tells her her boy's at work, and gives her the address.

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