Rihanna and chris brown are dating behind our backs

- being extinguished, you know the era of tumultuous celebrity romance is officially done: no more Selena Gomez and...A judge has revoked Chris Brown's probation for his 2009 attack on then pop star girlfriend Rihanna after the R&B singer travelled without approval for a concert and failed to complete community service on time.When asked about whether or not she was dating Drake, she laughs it off as rumors and says they’re just friends., Drake releases a song called “Fireworks,” which alludes to his brief dalliance with Riri.“I can tell it wasn’t love, I just thought you’d fuck with me / Who coulda predicted Lucky Strike would have you stuck with me / Damn, I kept my wits about me, luckily what happened between us that night / It always seems to trouble me, now all of a sudden those gossip blogs want to cover me.” In the same month, Drake admits in an interview with the that he felt like Rihanna used him as a pawn. She was doing exactly what I’ve done to so many women throughout my life, which is show them quality time, then disappear.”October 2010Rihanna continues to play with Drake’s emotions in their first duet, “What’s My Name?

Chris Brown was close to resolving his assault case in a deal that would have kept him out of jail, but talks fell apart when lawyers couldn't agree on what Brown would acknowledge happened during a scuffle that led to his arrest.“Three years and nine days later, it is officially implied that, no matter if you two are ‘single’ or ‘in a relationship’ or ‘it’s complicated,’ a token of forgiveness has been earned by Brown.And that’s not cool, to a whole lot of people,” writer Jason Lipshutz said. *kanye shrug* #phu–it,” Rihanna later tweeted, adding, “Who Jah bless I say NO MAN CURSE!Chris Brown is being sued for three million dollars (£1.8 million) by a man who claims he was punched in the face by the singer Chris Brown and his bodyguard during an altercation outside a Washington hotel.Edel Coffey It is little over a month since Miley Cyrus twerked her way to infamy at the MTV VMAs.

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