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I mean I have been out on plenty of dates where girls are 10-15 years younger than me in REAL life so why does pof feel the need to dictate who I can and can't date? Reviews On Plenty Of Fish Dating Site - This dating site is just for you, if you are dreaming to have a relationship or get married.I think women on dating sites are on there for a reason, their too picky and they want a guy who has ripped abs and yet want him to have a good job and treat them nice. Also another pet peeve of mine with pof is now I can't try to date someone who is 10 years younger than me, I don't look my age and I know this, but now I can't talk to a girl who is 26-30 years old now.Plus they keep on trying to match me with women who are older than me, to me its a major turn off.

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why does e harmony resort to paying spammers to send ads that are annoying me daily. This is a get rich for this company; you cant freely speak to anyone and the matches they choose are so left of my right. I contacted them and told them I was receiving no matches and was not receiving any value for the money I was spending and asked for them to cancel the six month contract. I get about one match a week which consists of about 3 sentences...maybe. With all the hype and money they spend on ads to get you hooked I expected wayyy more. Eharmony doesn't work like other sites where it shows you only a few matches every few days which can be a good thing, makes you think it was a well thought out process. Reduced Green Fees available at Ballybunion Golf Course. Choice of breakfasts - Early breakfast for golfers available.Match you up because you like dogs or worse because only if you say you dont drink they force you find a drinker because that makes you more attractive ya maybe if I drank a gallon of alcohol would I find this site worth it. I'm getting men with high school education, while I have a master's, people hundreds of miles away, people with nothing in common..I don't understand. However, I get women 20 years out of my age range, 200 miles away, and nothing like I'm am looking for! I'm not a picky guy and opened up my ranges, for better exposure and still no remotely close matches. I have to say that a lot of times I wonder why they consider a person a match like if you both like dogs, as another reviewer wrote, doesn't necessarily mean you have the chops to make it as a couple.I can't hide people or block people because the site won't let me, and I can't give feedback or get help. I did meet (online) more normal good people on this site than on plenty of fish or okay cupid.

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