Relationship between dating happiness

and Mrs., you're not there yet -- you're in that strange twilight stage called engagement.

Spouses-to-be often notice a whole new wave of emotions that surface during their engagement, advises the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center in the article "Newly Engaged?

Don't be afraid to talk to your family about these feelings, and seek therapy if these problems are causing you much distress.

Spouses-to-be may find themselves surprised at how emotional they feel during this supposedly blissful time.

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A: I think some of the best sites are improving, because of both the technology and the people who are signing up.You may be surprised, then, to find that you're clashing with your family more than ever.The reason is that your family dynamic is now changing.While you might be under pressure to socialize, take time for yourself so that you can adjust, advises Allison Moir-Smith in her book "Emotionally Engaged: A Bride's Guide to Surviving the 'Happiest' Time of Her Life." Let your fantasy of a perpetually blissful engagement go, mourn your former single life, and allow yourself to feel whatever emotions arise.Doing so will give you a strong emotional foundation for your future marriage. She had a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from the University of Toronto and has worked in online marketing and publicity.

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