Rachael leigh cook dating 2016

Her character's long-awaited first kiss with Prinze. Whoops." It’s hard to imagine “She’s All That” without its infectious theme song, and Cook says she still hears it often.“I feel like Sixpence None the Richer's ‘Kiss Me’ is following me,” she said.

It’s been nearly two decades since “She’s All That” gave us an epic makeover, an unforgettable hacky-sack performance and some of the sharpest zingers ever flung in the halls of a high school.“I'll just be at the CVS, Rite Aid, whatever, just picking up stuff, and it'll just come on and I feel like I'm on ‘Candid Camera’ every time. “We’re as happy as we were surprised by this wonderful news!“I remember being told that there was going to be an elaborate dance sequence in the movie at the prom and thinking this isn't really mentioned in the script; that'll be interesting,” she recalled.“Especially interesting for the person who has to teach me how to do this dance. I was able to justify that my character wouldn't necessarily know this dance that everybody else seems to know and I think they just gently swept me to the side when they realized I wasn't the best dancer.” Cook joked that she was a “total natural” when it came to Laney’s clumsy moves — including one memorable tumble toward the beginning of the film.

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