Quiet dating site

In some ways, online dating is a perfect match for introverts.

We tend to be good at expressing ourselves in writing and many of us have active online social lives so we're comfortable with computer mediated communication.

Only cowards break a date by sending an email or a text message.

Also, don’t act like a real jerk by either completely avoiding any contact with the person after you make a date…is, not calling them, not answering their phone calls, and not returning them……., or waiting until they call you before you tell them you can’t keep the date.

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If the person you're thinking of meeting doesn't want to do the live view.... Sometimes the friends will contact other members on the site without your knowledge, the recipients will think it’s you, and when they find out it’s someone else, the outcome is not always friendly, …..

Here are a few tips I gleaned while writing I think it is a smart idea to browse the different online dating sites and see which one is right for you.

I had a friend that did that and found that it is better to find the site that helps you find people and the relationship that you feel is right at that time. But unless the people who are viewing your profile are interested in photography, they are only interested in pictures of YOU.

Again, have the decency to call them, and make the call when you know you’re not going to keep the date. If someone sends you a message on an internet dating site, and you’re NOT interested, DON’T reply.

Sending a reply will probably entice the person to keep sending you more messages.

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