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The sharing of this sex tape and photos is a crime in the Korea and the Korean government is active in trying to remove these scandalous images and video from the Internet but it is now the most searched for video in the country.Along with the sex video there are documents indicating that Han Sung Joo allegedly had an abortion in Hong Kong in 2010 a mouth after the nude sex photos and sex video were made.Any proposal of amalgamation or merger begins with the process of due diligence, as the proposal for merger without due diligence is like entering a tunnel with darkness growing with each step.The due diligence process makes the journey see the light at the end of the tunnel – the light of wisdom to amalgamate or not.After being in a relationship with her, I learned what a narcissistic, two-faced person she is.She will aggressively retaliate against you, even if it means that she needs to break the law,” he continued.

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People are stunned to learn Miss Korea 1995 Han Sung Joo is allegedly involved in a sex scandal.

This all might sounds like she has seriously pissed off a couple guys that don’t play and/or these guys are psychopaths with some serious dirt on her, because the sex tape and nude pictures aren’t even the worst part of this scandal, as they also have leaked documented evidence of an abortion she had in Hong Kong only a mouth and a half after the nude sex photos and sex video were made.

Here is the purported leaked sex tape of Han Sung-ju (한성주) aka Han Sung Joo which is causing a major uproar in South Korea…She is a 37-year-old Korean Newswoman and former Miss Korea 1995.

She paid for the abortion with her American Express credit card which amount to 29,893.00 Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).

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