Pros of dating a virgin

A man who doesn't attract much attention in the US may find that his 'ecotic factor' makes him attractive to at least certain women in Indonesia.An Indonesian woman might experience that in the US.I also got the sense that Indonesians generally had a relatively positive attitude toward sex in marriage.Sex jokes were typically about sex in marriage, newly weds having a lot of sex, etc.Certain Indonesian people-groups probably have higher divorce rates and some have lower.

Indonesian women may be friendly to him, may flirt, may give him their business cards as a way of giving him their numbers without being forward, or may ask him to take his mom a little gift if he goes home for Christmas, a hint of her desire to impress who she hopes will be her mother-in-law. The couples sometimes hint at wanting to marry a girl they just met on a game show to take on a first date.That works to the advantage of the one marrying an Indonesian. Research into marriage and family in the past has shown that women who were virgins at marriage were much less likely to divorce than those who had had multiple sexual partners.Indonesia is a great place to look for a virgin to marry, especially if you are looking for one who is not super young, like a teenager.But it seems to be the norm for a woman (or a man) to be a virgin before marriage.There is a stigma to sleeping around before marriage.

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