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His mother, French-born Emilie-Aurẻliẻ Aubert, was the daughter of a glazier who lived near Paris.Francesco Zola was an exuberant man who had traveled extensively throughout Europe, practiced a variety of professions and seen service in the French Foreign Legion.Emile Zola's Desk Set: This was the author's personal desk set retreived from his Paris home shortly after his death.

He knew early on that hard work, long hours at his desk, and determination were important factors for the realization of his goal.

To make matters even worse, he realized only too late that Master Isoard’s school was so wanting academically that he was nearly a year behind his classmates.

From 1855 to 1857 he made up his mind to work assiduously. It was not Zola’s way, however, to indulge in despair.

By the time he was ready for graduation he had won nearly all the prizes. Despite the hardships now endured, he retained an idealistic view of life.

The void he felt so keenly with his classmates’ rejection of him was filled by two lads with whom he experienced a deep and lasting entente: Baptistin Baille, a considerate and reliable young man, given to dreaming, who would one day become professor at the Ecole Polytechnique; and Paul Cézanne.

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