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Although we don't often like to admit it, it is very important to keep trying for your spouse — keeping up with things like personal grooming and even dressing up for each other — just like you did when you were dating."If you let yourself slip, your relationship will probably go the same way," says Preece."Happiness comes with the small gestures as much as the big ones.If you get too comfortable, it's natural to feel unappreciated," says Preece.Taking each other for granted can also come with relationship expectations, says Fran Greene, licensed clinical social worker (LCSWR) and author of "For example, you see him only as a provider or he sees you only for your concierge skills; you ditched all common courtesies, and everything (other than your partner) takes precedence."And it's not just about how complimentary you are or the extra special things you are doing, it's also about your day-to-day habits and lifestyle.If one of you wants to be married with kids and the other doesn't, there's no point burying your heads in the sand.

And we love it, but we also make it a point to get out and do crazy things a lot, too.

Not only that, but if you are constantly stuck to each other's sides, you'll quickly realize the spark has gone out.

Going out all the time, doing new things, and talking life philosophy can all be great in the early stages of a relationship, but real life comes with a little more, says Salkin: It is very important to balance needing to be 'on' with real life so you do not burn out in your relationships.

Do not throw all chivalry out the window and stop going out to dates and just become couch potatoes together.

But after the first good number of dates, probably five or six, it is OK to suggest cooking dinner together at home, or ordering in Chinese and watching Game of Thrones together.

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