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My goal was to introduce them to a different kind of fraternity experience, one that challenged the negative stereotypes and provided a non-traditional membership experience.We created a culture that treated everyone as equals, and built men up continuously instead of breaking them down.There wasn't enough wine to get me through the night. I went out for drinks with a girl and put my card down to start a tab, at the end of the night my card wouldn't work and got declined.I didn't have cash on me so I had to ask the bartender for the closest ATM.

I once went on a date where the guy sporadically broke out into monologues from movies and incorporated their different accents very loudly in a quiet restaurant.The survey of 150 major employers found that 81 per cent thought qualifications confusing and 90 per cent wanted them reformed to ensure that equivalent titles were awarded for equivalent work.John Randall, chief executive of the agency, said yesterday that the centuries-old Oxbridge MA was misleading and anachronistic.He said: "The same title must represent the same level of achievement, no matter which university of college awards it.Qualification titles must mean what they say." Mr Randall said he hoped the Oxford and Cambridge authorities would reform their MA awards, but acknowledged that the inspectorate had no power to force a change.

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