Outsource dating life

I’d feel a sense of betrayal if I found out that someone had used a virtual dating assistant.” Patricia Wallace, psychologist and senior director of information technology at Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, agrees that the trust issue is a big one.“I don’t have a problem with getting somebody to review the candidates,” says Wallace, author of “The Psychologist of the Internet.” “That’s sort of like a headhunter.“At some point, the tone and timbre of his e-mails just changed.I asked him about it and he said, ‘I’m not a very good writer so I was having a married friend of mine write the e-mails.’ I felt that was false, like I was falling for the wrong guy.” Too far or not far enough?

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“I had a guy who had a friend writing his e-mails,” says Jones, the dating blogger who says she’s gone on nearly 300 online dates in the past nine years.“Maybe these guys are shy and need some help to get a girl to notice them,” says Marzi Alavi, a 27-year-old from Manhattan who’s in public relations.“He might be really cool but can’t write an e-mail for the life of him. I think half the people would be offended and the other half wouldn’t.The pictures, the preferences, the interminable lists of hobbies and favorite childhood memories – it’s no secret that sifting and sorting through hundreds of online dating profiles can be exhausting work.“I’ve done it three different times and it just becomes overwhelming,” says Marilyn Heywood Paige, a 40-year-old marketing consultant from Philadelphia.

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