Order Date;/* Create a report showing the Order ID, the name of the company that placed the order, and the first and last name of the associated employee. Company Name; /****************************** My SQL ******************************/ SELECT o. Last year, it was my height that got me hired by a glossy magazine to photograph the Tall Clubs International convention, an annual gathering of men over six-two and women over five-ten. I could finally kick on my heels and be among my people.My assignment: Shoot the convention’s crowning event, the glittering Miss Tall International pageant, where one woman would be chosen by pageant judges to represent the beauty and virtue of tall women everywhere. They begin with a head-to-toe-to-head scan, then settle into a sustained invasive gaze. My flight into Charleston arrived late, and I entered the lobby of the Riverview Hotel at a sprint, camera bouncing across my chest.

The crowd hooted in support, and I began clicking away at the women, ages thirty-one to sixty-eight, trying to ignore the haze of fluorescent hotel lights.If the data source already exists, returns a unique key you can use to pass data into the data source.Valid data Type attributes are grouping, measure, date, tags, latitude, longitude, and postal.First, XML for creating the data source, which will be a POST to https:// Data Source.You can use the value returned from data Source Key as a unique identifier for publishing data into the data source.

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