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Rather than bragging about the extensive travel you've done, note how wonderful it would be to show a very special someone the timeless beauty of Florence.In other words, don't sell the feature, sell the benefit. In the "multiple choice" section you'll select the best answers about yourself, and what you're looking for in a potential date.

Be aware of that fact when choosing yours, and when browsing other's. For the "essay portion," keep these basic concepts in mind: First, be brief.Similarly, be honest, or at least honest-ish, for questions about your height, body-type, exercise frequency, etc.As for questions about what you're seeking in a date, go as broad as possible.Last month, I wrote a piece on the differences between what men worried about when they were dating in their teens ("Will she laugh at my peach fuzz? When it comes to overall changes in the world of dating between then and now, the very best improvement has to be online dating.") compared to their concerns when dating Over 50 ("Will she laugh at my back hair? Truly, it's an historic innovation that ranks up there with the cotton gin, penicillin, and those lights in the parking garages that show you which spaces are empty. Instead of spotting someone of interest; figuring a way to get to know him or her; doing your best to make a good impression; then working up the courage to ask her out (man) or hoping he will (woman), you merely fill out an online form, add some pictures, click a button, and boom: it's game on. Maybe you'll find the love of your life, as the major online dating companies all seem to promise.

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