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(The best ass on any of these shows, incidentally, belonged to a Special Forces officer named Bo who appeared on Season Four of Naked and Afraid.Bo and his partner were doing 21 days in the Rupununi Wetlands of Guyana; one look at his bared twin ass-grenadoes and you knew they were going to make it.) A participant on the first season of Dating Naked sued Viacom and the producers for a momentary deblurring, or misplacing of the blur, that occurred while she and her date were wrestling on the beach.But there is power in it too, power in that moment on the beach, that dawn-of-the-world coming-together, when the naked dates first glimpse each other and their blurred genitals drone with recognition. What will happen when they go on the horrible date-encounter fabricated by the producers, and make a clay pot together (the echoes of Ghost are entirely deliberate), or do a bit of bicycling, or strap themselves onto a zip line? “Julian is very excited,” Camille confided to an offscreen interlocutor.“I’m just a really chill, down-to-earth person,” says Season One’s Camille. “It’s an awkward situation.”But for all this, romance still haunts the magic island.

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They meet in the Louisiana swampland: sludge underfoot; Peeping Tom gators; thin, mean trees extending into infinity.At the proud pivot of his being, there is only a writhing smudge. On the island of love featured on VH1’s Dating Naked, the men and women are getting drunk and groping each other in the pool and saying “Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself?”; on the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, they are crouched trembling and de-sexed in the jungles of Borneo or the wild hills of Nicaragua, nibbling snake meat and looming their frightened, nostrilly faces into the lens of the handheld camera at a.m. ”); on TLC’s Buying Naked, they’re looking for the right amount of closet space for the clothes they don’t wear. Of the three principal naked shows, Buying Naked, which last season followed a real-estate agent named Jackie Youngblood as she plied her trade in a clothing-optional community (nudists, we learn, don’t like the word colony: too redolent of ants and cultists), is probably the weirdest.“I wish I would have known what I was getting into.” “Billy’s morale goes in swings and roundabouts,” notes Ky.So she too must enter the archetypal, accessing her deep womanhood and boosting the fragile male psyche. ” she tells Billy, as he splashes back to camp with a cottonmouth snake dangling off the end of his homemade spear.

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