Non sex dating site

As an adult, her dating life always stalled because she had absolutely no interest in a physical relationship.Then, a few years ago, Morgan stumbled across an online community of people who defined themselves as asexual, meaning that they did not experience sexual attraction.Then open by saying, I realize that youre feeling frustrated and that Im not responding sexually to you as much as you like, or Im feeling frustrated and youre not responding sexually to me as much as Id like.Ask your partner how he or she feels, then give him or her a couple of minutes to talk, without interrupting.The biggest misconceptions are that something bad happened to make us this way, and that we can be fixed, or even want to be fixed, Morgan says.A recent study suggests that asexuality may be surprisingly common.Of the studys more than 18,000 participants, one percent said they agreed with the statement, I have never felt sexually attracted to anyone at all.

And if its going to chase someone away, so be itwhy would you want to hold on to someone whos not right for you?

According to a surprising new study, one in 100 adults has no interest in sex.

And as awareness grows, more and more people, like Morgan, feel comfortable proudly identifying as asexual.

Norman, 20, got to know his current love interest online before breaking the news.

I just braced myself and said, Theres something I have to tell you: Im asexual, he says.

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