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Now nearly 50 years on, the anguished victim has reported the allegations to officers from Scotland Yard's Operation Yewtree - the police investigation into the alleged sexual abuse by disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile.Alan 'Fluff' Freeman, who was known for his legendary catchphrases 'Greetings, Pop Pickers' and 'Not 'Arf' is the latest household name to come under the investigation's spotlight and raises further concerns that a paedophile ring operated within the BBC. No registration required, no need to have anything to talk online [email protected]$Www.

According to Hollywood, Nina and Glen are said to be 'loving every minute' of being together as she underwent bridesmaid duties for her BFF's big day.'I've always been a big Bob Dylan fan, and that's longevity at its finest.Him and Eric Clapton, that's the ultimate for anybody who makes music.'And once he's completed his career in his old age, the Irish fashion icon admits he wants to take his fashionable look with him to the grave.Niall Horan spoke to Notion magazine recently about his new life as a solo artist and landed himself a cover issue.Niall looked great in the shoot wearing a pyjama-style shirt from Sandro in a navy blue hue.

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