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is mercifully free of the Styrofoam plot twists that drive most romantic comedies, but it substitutes a development that, by comparison, may seem borderline inconsequential. The script, by Geoff La Tulippe, is full of lines that pop.Erin is set to go to grad school at Stanford, and she and Garrett know they’re going to be together only for six weeks. And Long, who’s always had a unique — and, to me, not entirely appealing — way of making floppy-haired boyishness reptilian, comes alive as a movie star for perhaps the first time. Here's a photo of Drew's engagement ring, which features a colorless radiant-cut diamond that weighs in at just under 4 carats on a diamond-covered band.

The blue dialogue liberates Barrymore, who has never been this womanly and confident on screen. introduces real-world complicating factors that are meant to reflect the stagnant economy.This hotel has one of my favorite rooftops in the city.On a sunny day, you can see the Hudson and all the way up town.After cooking dinner for the girls, it was time to head back out to a work dinner.I took the 1 train (I hate sitting in traffic) down to the West Village and actually got there early.

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