Naruto ino dating

Naruto uncovers an event that tragically changes his classmate Ino's view on life and she almost gives up on life. He rather short for his age group and wore a rather hideously orange jumpsuit that stood out like a sore thumb and shouted 'I am here! Ino was a classmate of his but she hadn't been to school in the past six months."Sure Naruto-kun but seriously..." The teacher, Iruka Umino, agreed with a sigh of disbelief afterwards.Now it is up to Naruto to show her there is still hope for her but even then, Naruto needs the help of the people that swore to hate him in order to do the job. "Ino-chan needs to come to class or otherwise she is going to lose half of her semester grade." Iruka mumbled as he handed over Naruto an extra copy of a math assignment while noticing something out of place.

Iruka stayed behind to pay the bill while sighing for the umpteenth time the same day. Last time I looked, Ino bullied him like the rest of the ." Teuchi said with stress on the word, 'fan girl'.

" The mention of ramen always perked Naruto's attention, 'Although I have to remember to see Ino later.

I also have to keep a close eye on Sasuke as ever since the year is almost ending.' Still that didn't mean that Naruto will forget about what did happen six months ago.

From the general point of view, an academy student was dragged to an ally and was raped thoroughly before the rapist was warded off and the student was taken to her home where she never left since.

It really startled the common folk as a rapist managed to 'get into the village' and attack a student from the academy 'so easily'.

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