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We have taken the beautiful doctrine of adoption and made dating basically unbearable by pushing Christian brother-sister language. And, while it is trendy and slings a verse that seems straightforward in a sound-bite-theology world, something doesn’t sit right about the rule.

Isn’t it strange to regulate the Christian dating process by making it quasi-incestuous?

John Hughes pitched the film on a Thursday, finished the script that Monday, and it was greenlit on Tuesday.

Part of the rushed process had to do with an impending writer's strike, and Hughes quickly finished the script so he'd have something to work on as part of his new deal with Paramount.

Surely you’ll never hear the advice, “Relate to her emotionally like you’d relate to your blood sister.” The dating relationship requires emotional and relational realities boundaries that neither the sibling rule nor the marriage relationship can fit. The sibling rule forces rigid constructs physically that it can’t apply consistently to the whole person.

A lot of people are buzzing today about that new Honda Super Bowl commercial featuring Matthew Broderick kinda-sorta reprising his iconic Ferris Bueller role in order to skip work, drive around in his Honda CRV all day and pay homage to several scenes in the original .

Some folks think it's cute to see Broderick back in full-on Ferris Bueller mode, while others find it to be a cheap, insulting way to tug at our nostalgic heartstrings.

The biblical understanding of the sister-brother relationship isn’t meant to destroy sexuality.

And yet, it is often used to discourage any form of premarital sexual expression. In fact, without being brother and sister in Christ, spouses cannot have a healthy Christian marriage.

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