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(Yes, really.) Somehow, our hero manages to accidentally drive off a cliff two times before finally suiting up in the film’s last minutes, only to stop a neutron bomb by choking the villain on car exhaust.

It’s the worst, and given some of the other films on this list, that’s not a ranking we give this version of , a TV movie that was intended to launch a teen-oriented mutant superhero series. The young cast does the best they can with their angsty, poorly written subplots, but the post-The sequel to the worst-ever Marvel superhero movie is admittedly better, with an improved costume and some fun action sequences, but then it proceeds to send Cap undercover to paint stray cats and make moon-eyes at single moms with deadly secrets.

Steve Baker Ricky Blitt Will Carlough Tobias Carlson Jacob Fleisher Patrik Forsberg Will Graham James Gunn Claes Kjellstrom Jack Kudoka Bob Odenkirk Bill O'Malley Matthew Alec Portenoy Greg Pritikin Rocky Russo Olle Sarri Elizabeth Wright Shapiro Jeremy Sosenko Jonathan van Tulleken Jonas Wittenmark Elizabeth Banks Kristen Bell Halle Berry Leslie Bibb Kate Bosworth Gerard Butler Josh Duhamel Anna Faris Richard Gere Terence Howard Hugh Jackman Johnny Knoxville Justin Long Seth Mac Farlane Christopher Mintz-Plasse Chloe Grace Moretz Chris Pratt Liev Schreiber Seann William Scott Emma Stone Jason Sudekis Uma Thurman Naomi Watts Jeremy Allen White Kate Winslet Movie 43 is a 2013 anthology comedy film written by a number of writers including Steve Baker, Ricky Blitt and Will Carlough.David Banner (Bill Bixby, who also directed) is on the verge of curing himself, but Russian spies get in the way.So he goes on the lam, seduces an enemy agent and talks an old friend out of a coma by calling him “Stinky.” Elizabeth Gracen is memorable as a Black Widow-like espionage expert, but the actual death of the Incredible Hulk – a plot point already spoiled by the title – is anti-climactic at best.Lousy acting, a dopey plot and an unintentionally hilarious fish-out-of-water montage make this movie, after writing the screenplays for the first two infinitely better installments.This time, Blade (Wesley Snipes, doing his best) teams up with a band of human vampire slayers to do battle with Dracula (a hopelessly miscast Dominic Purcell), who spends most of his time wreaking havoc at Hot Topic and running away from our hero like a total wuss. Nicolas Cage is predictably eccentric as the cursed stunt performer Johnny Blaze, who fights demon elementals and endures awkward dating scenarios with Eva Mendes, who couldn’t look more lost if she tried.

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