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It is also possible that they may not have exported new vehicles at all, and that yours may have been taken over much later by its then current owner.

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They use coil springs, as I am sure you have already discovered, and he went the rounds of local car scrap yards and picked up springs which would fit nicely inside the existing springs and give just enough extra lift to stiffen the suspension.By way of very limited information, the number on the chassis (presumably on the right hand side of the A-frame) is the chassis number, and this will be entirely different from the caravan serial number.The chassis number is allocated by the chassis builder, and relates to their build sequence.We do not have registration forms for caravans in the UK, so I am not familiar with the form you refer to, but I suspect that this is a third unrelated number.These chassis were made by B&B Trailers, then of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire; a firm who were subsequently taken over by Alko.

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