Miranda updating of group on server list failed

As we choose a local disk to place the Temp DB, this confirmation message will appear.

Basically we need to make sure that the path referred in the “Backup Directory” exists in all the other nodes, so in case of a failover the instance won’t fail to create the Temp DB, which obviously can compromise the instance startup. Just review all the configurations that you did during the process and click on “Install”! Verify that all the items were successfully installed. You can also look to the Failover Cluster Manager and check the SQL Server role, and its components, reflecting the options taken during the installation wizard, like the IP address, Computer Name and disks.

If you want to configure the “filestream” feature, you can do in the respective tab.

After all the needed configuration, go ahead and click on “Next”.

You can delete the entire folder using this procedure.

After this process folder has not more them 10 MB, and you saved some space.

You also need to add accounts to receive the Sysadmin privilege, this is very important…

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