Mel b dating

[From TMZ] In a couple of sentences I didn’t include, TMZ references Mel’s ex and the father of her daughter Angel, Eddie Murphy, who of course starred in the hilarious Beverly Hills cop movies.They also make these vague references to the fact that Mel’s friends don’t like her new boyfriend and that his life is “complicated.” Does that mean he’s married or something like that? I understand this somewhat, the guy offers stability and protection and he works a good job which some may consider admirable.It’s thought the pair are keeping things ‘low key’ and he’s even showed up to America’s Got Talent filming in plain clothes, as well as accompanying her to a number of social engagements.TMZ also claims sources told them that Mel likes him so much because he carries a gun and she’s still scared of her estranged husband Stephen, who she currently has a restraining order against.Embed from Getty Images Mel B just got out of horribly abusive ten year marriage.She was with a man who tried to control her, who used common abusive tactics on her like triangulation, coercion, economic abuse, threats to personal safety and blackmail.Mel B's hairstylist Gary Madatyan has laughed off rumours they are dating, insisting their relationship is purely platonic.The former Spice Girls star, who is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce and custody battle with estranged husband Stephen Belafonte, got tongues wagging when she posted a picture on Instagram of herself and Gary last month (Sep17), in which he appeared to be kissing her on the neck.

We're hearing the Spice Girl has begun dating a Beverly Hills cop (an ode to her baby daddy, Eddie Murphy, perhaps?? The songstress' romance began a few months after her and Stephen split, and now they're even spending five to six nights a week together! These two lovebirds are keeping things pretty "low key" for the time being, but it sounds like Mel feels safer having the cop around. Not everyone in Mel B’s life thinks it’s a swell idea she’s dating the guy …partly because of him and party because she just got out of a bad relationship.Plus he owned a gun and threatened to use it on her, with cops finding spent shell casings at his home.Other women, ex girlfriends of that horrible excuse for a partner, Stephen Belafonte, have also come out to say that Stephen was abusive to them too. So Mel might want to take a while before getting into another relationship, maybe take some time to herself to make sure she makes better choices next time.

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