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I am fortunate to have a copy of her family histories.......are priceless gems for her descendants. In 1872, he came on to Miller County and located near Pleasant Mount (today called Mt. On September 23, 1874, James married Mary Ellen Lawson in Miller County, the marriage performed by E. He served for a few years as overseer of indigent persons who became 'inmates" of the poor farm (sometimes called "the poor house". In December 1917, he sailed from New York to the European front. Fremont Watkins was cited for bravery in the battle of Chateau Thierry where the American troops won their initial successes in the war. The following is the citation award he won: (written and sent to his father, E. NOTE: Once again, family records say William Watkins was killed at his home by bushwhackers.Evidently James and Mary Ellen Walker left Miller County before l900 because no record of them was found in the census taken that year. Hughes and they had 5 children, three who died in infancy. From July 1918 until November 11, 1918 (Armistice Day), Fremont was in several of the hardest battles the Americans took part in when the signal sounded the armistice, he was still hiding in shell/fox holes. He was buried in the yard of his homestead and a marble slab was placed at his gravesite.Their older brother, John Weitz had come to Miller County about 10 years earlier.He and his wife, Hannah, had become parents of two children when Hannah died at an early age.Tony and sister, Elizabeth, had first settled in New York when they came to America.I would imagine John contacted them after the death of his wife and asked them to venture on to central Missouri and help him rear the children. Elizabeth/Lizzie took over the rearing of the children and did not marry until later in life. Johnson in December 1876 when she was well into her 30's.

Bird Taylor Watkins was born on the old Watkins farm at Watkins, (Post Office), MO on May 7, 1858 and died at his home in Ulman on Aug. By the time his returning ship arrived back in the United States, he was in a feverish, delirious condition. It is legend that William Watkins brought gold back from California and secretly buried it on his land before going off to fight in the Rebellion.

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The children of Noah Jefferson and Rebecca (Parker) Waite were: John Waite, David Waite, Lydia Jane (Waite) Bradford, Patience Waite, Thomas Waite, Lyman and William Waite (twins), Anne Waite, and Isaac Newton Waite. Iberia American Legion Fremont Watkins Post #105 was named in honor of Private Fremont Watkins, a Miller County soldier who died during World War I. The result of Private Watkins' heroic endeavors, contribute greatly to the success of the Company in repelling the enemy attack. In 1853, he moved westward and settled in Miller County, Missouri.

During the Civil War, when only a teenager, John W. Her mother died when Ellen was a small child and she was reared by some of her kinfolk. Pontius of the Iberia Methodist Church and he was buried at Livingston Cemetery. His surviving grandchildren named were Phyllis Pemberton, Hilary Pemberton, Glennis Pemberton, and Rosemary Clark. Fremont Watkins was born 18 September 1887 at Brown Branch, Taney County, Missouri. Watkins (1856-1921) and Luiza Jane Bradley (1852-1914). The same year he married Mary Jane Livingston in Kentucky (perhaps Hart County where the Livingston family lived) and they became parents of five children…sons and one daughter. This man was known throughout the county as Rankin Wright.

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