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CWR: How do you think the monks will bring religion to this unchurched region of the country?Abouna Jonathan: The same way the early Church brought the faith to the world: by the power of God.Our bishops wanted us to be a contemplative community, established in a single place, and not serving at different parishes. And, secondarily, we can offer spiritual direction and lead retreats. we celebrate the Holy Mysteries, which most people know as the Mass. We have only two meals a day; the main meal we eat in the afternoon. On days that are particularly hot, we have white habits we can wear.

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The faith was central in the Decker household, Abouna Jonathan said, and his extended family included bishops, priests, nuns and hermits in the Maronite tradition.

S., the Maronite Church has faced challenges concerning its freedom and autonomy, its relation with the mother church in Lebanon, priestly vocations, and its relationships with other churches, especially Latin Catholicism.

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The large-scale immigration of Maronites resulted in the creation of Maronite parishes and after numerous requests to the Holy See, two Maronite dioceses were founded successively in the second part of the twentieth century.

Attempting to protect its identity and its traditions in the U.

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