Mandating organ

In most American states and in Britain, a person who renews, or applies for, a driving licence is required by law to indicate his preference on organ donation.

He can choose not to be an organ donor - he will still receive his licence - but he has to make his preference known.

A failure to harvest their organs for use in transplantation would represent a failure to respect their wishes.

The purpose of Hota was not to have a high percentage of potential donors among the population for its own sake.

Hota changed the former opt-in system - in which persons who wished to donate their organs for transplant, research or education purposes when they die under certain conditions could register to do so - to an opt-out one.

With the passage of Hota, Singaporeans are presumed to have given their consent for the removal of specified organs for use in organ transplants upon death.

They would find it both emotionally difficult and ethically questionable to raise the issue of organ donation with the loved ones.

It would be even harder for them to treat the people in the second group as they would people in the first.

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