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It is time to care for all those in need, whether male or female.

Sexual violence is included on this page because the Australian Government's current anti-violence strategy addresses sexual assault and family violence together. NSW Recorded Crime Statistics 2014 (Excel spreadsheet). Retrieved May 17, 2013, from Documents/143/Responding_to_Domestic_Family_Violence_Full_aspx. Trends in hospitalised injury, Australia: 1999–00 to 2012–13. These SBS News, in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Criminology, published an overview of all victims of domestic or family homicide over the 23 year period 1989/90 to 2011/12.They found that 408 male partners (24.8%) and 1237 female partners (75.2%) had been killed during this period.When reading the following quantitative statistics it should be remembered that family violence is extremely complex and doesn't just boil down to ‘who does what to whom and how badly’.There was no statistically significant difference between fathers and mothers in the frequency of reporting having often felt fearful after experiencing physical violence or emotional abuse since separation, and fathers were statistically significantly more likely than mothers to report having often felt controlled or coerced after experiencing physical violence or emotional abuse since separation.

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