M2eclipse updating maven dependencies

This is because the project uses junit, but the project's .classpath file doesn't contain an entry for the junit dependency yet.The mytest project is shown here with the red x icons indicating that there are problems with the project. The maven SW "eclipse:eclipse" goal will download any necessary dependencies and will update our project's .classpath to include these dependencies.This is because the junit dependency was added to the project .classpath file.

You can install Maven plugin for Eclipse via update site, simply copy the above update site link address and paste it into Eclipse’s “Update” or “Install New Software” manager as explained below. Start Eclipse then go to: Help - Install New Software…After creating the External Tool configuration, I went back to my Navigator view and selected the "mytest" project.I then went to the External Tool Dialog and selected the "mvn eclipse~eclipse" configuration and clicked Run.Install the m2eclipse, an Eclipse plugin to integrate Maven into the Eclipse IDE.Some Java applications have dependencies that aren’t available in a public or private Maven repository (the latter of which can be accessed using a custom file).

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