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The only logical thing I can think of is that he was emotionally charged in the vocal booth for 6 minutes, and is straight from his heart. A few tracks don’t follow the concept of the EP, and seems to just be randomly thrown in there.If that’s not the case, then he was simply trying to be humorous. The entire EP consists of both a humorous tone and a darker tone though, and it’s balanced nicely. It’s actually a better idea than Psychopathic’s original idea of including the doesn’t really follow the concept of the House of Wax, but instead hypes ICP in a typical fashion. Clark returns to the production table, and he makes a good beat for this song.

It gets pretty repetitive and is extremely drawn out.It’s interesting to see these two artists grow, and it’s good that ICP is giving them another small outlet.except within the chorus, when the beat becomes dreamy and smooth-like.Being the kings of the underground, Insane Clown Posse have released numerous full length albums throughout their career. It has an overall uplifting beat with harsh lyrics portraying ICP’s dickhead side.Their mainly known for the Joker’s Cards, which is six albums following the Dark Carnival. The lyrics harks back to the reckless concept of a person from track.

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