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Mayer, David, born 01 January 1962, died 05 July 2016 in Beecher, Illinois Our Remembrance Dad, I miss you every day.

I am not angry, just perplexed that you are gone forever.

When people where obviously uncomfortable about his legs he would make jokes about them, and even when they weren\'t. He was not only an amazing person, but he also did all he could for everyone around him, trying to motivate them to hit their greatest potential, and facilitated it in any way he could. Jason was 24 years old when he took his own life by asphixiation with nitrous oxide. Saulsberry, Matthew, born 13 July 1987, died 16 June 2014 in Akron, Ohio Our Remembrance Matthew suffered with depression for 2 years. Rivas, Michael Anthony, born 19 December 1989, died in La Quinta, California Our Remembrance Michael i will love you and miss you forever. Your absence leaves so much sadness and emptiness in my heart. Rest In Peace my precious son Stevens, Jessica, born 30 September 1976, died 18 March 2013 in Denver, Colorado, USAOur Remembrance Jessica lived and breathed for her two beautiful Daughters.

He was not only an inspiration to me, but a wonderful friend,confidant, and motivator. Hellewell, Jason Bryant, born 3 January 1982, died in California Our Remembrance Jason was so talented..created music, poetry, art. Emmons, Adrian, born , died 19 July 2016 in Franklin County, Virginia Our Remembrance My sweet husband Lee. There isn't a day that goes by that you're not on my mind! He tried to shake it but it had a hold on him he lost the battle this past June. Regardless of what he was going through he always went out of his was to help others. She was the most loving, loyal, stubborn, beautiful, kind and honest person I have ever known.

we will remember your courage, your kindness, your love for your family. He wheeled out in his chair and sat in the driveway until i noticed him, and he waved at me, bobbing in his chair happily, waved and introduced himself.

That was almost one year ago, and since that time he had become one of my closest friends.

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I only wish you believed that you were too valuable to lose. The lessons I am learning now will only help us to survive and thrive! Taylor, Randall William, born 18 April 1960, died 09 October 2013 in Los Angeles, California Our Remembrance She will always be your pop-pop and you will always be my Rand Mc Nally. Johnson, Ashley Nicole, born 29 February 1988, died 24 July 2004 in Fayetteville, Tennessee Our Remembrance You went to young at only sixteen. Kinsey, Drew William, born 03 August 1996, died 12 September 2014 in Caramel, Indiana Our Remembrance My son was always the light in the room.Woodard, Brian Jeffrey, born 09 April 1981, died 02 August 2008 in Kentucky Our Remembrance I miss him so much he loved his family and his friends. Bair, James Lee, born , died 15 November 2013 in Newton, Iowa Our Remembrance James loved his family to the end! The beloved son of Ed and Nancy, treasured brother to Bill, Tom and Barbara, an awesome uncle to Michael and Dillon, a much loved nephew and cousin to his extended family, and most of all, a good and loyal friend. Parker, Jr., Phillip Edgar, born 08 November 1997, died 20 January 2012 in Tennessee Our Remembrance My son had a smile that could light up a room he loved every body he was my shadow he had to go everywhere i went i miss him so much he was taken too soon from me he is gone but not forgotten. Andrade, Jennifer, born 10 January 1988, died 18 August 2009 in Pasadena, Texas Our Remembrance The worse pain to indure is the loss of my child.James, We are so sorry for the battles you (fought). Wish we could have talked before you took that fatal shot. Ito, Cesar Massaro, born 26 March 1983, died 19 September 2014 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Our Remembrance Cesar, son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, grandson, friend. you will be always with us in our hearts in our thoughts. The greatest joy is to know you are pain free & dancing in the heavens.. MOMCane, Ash Kelso, born 12 January 1990, died 30 January 2010 in Victoria, Australia Our Remembrance I\'d never seen a smile as bright and beautiful as yours. Your loving and happy energies were an absolute pleasure to be around. Bartlett, Jonathan Wayne, born 04 April 19875, died 17 April 2012 in Virginia, United States Our Remembrance : I first met Jon the day me and my parents moved into the house next to his.Oh Liz..is now divided between before February 10th, 2012 and after.I love you so much, your big sister, Cricket Carathers, Donnie, born 02 November 1981, died in Nashville, Ohio, USAOur Remembrance My brother, Donnie, was the most gentle, funniest and caring man. This man was my bestfriend and he will be missed dearly.

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