Livesecret friend

His children may never again know him, his wife may divorce him, and his parents may not return his phone calls.

He might be pressed to leave his neighborhood and never return.

They are forbidden to listen to the radio, watch television, listen to non-Jewish music, or expose themselves to the ideas and people of secular society.

Yet some unknowable fraction—often young and aided by the Internet they are told to avoid—are breaking the rules.

With one arm around a strange girl’s waist, he will whisper into her ear, and then kiss her on the lips.

They will disappear into the bathroom and emerge flushed.

The man’s peyos, or side curls, fall to his jaw below a round fur hat, called a .

His black satin jacket and white shirt—no tie—hang over a fringed prayer shawl.

He tells her that he will be seeing relatives across the borough, although he has no intention of going there.He examines the passing buildings with the eyes of a man who works in real estate—which he does.He crosses into Williamsburg’s other world, where Dominican and hipster cultures collide. I like to walk alone.” A few weeks earlier, on one of his evening strolls, I had run into Joseph on the Williamsburg waterfront, watching the Manhattan skyline.Tucking his peyos behind his ears, he will smoke a joint and touch women’s hands (his religion prohibits touching any woman outside of his family).For a night, he will behave like so many non-Hasidic boys in their twenties.

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