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Abd El Aty's would-be surgeon had to lobby India's minister of external affairs to grant her a travel visa, after she was initially denied one for not showing up in person at the Indian Embassy in Cairo.

Since Abd El Aty had not moved much for more than two decades, she was put on blood thinners to reduce the risk of a pulmonary embolism during the transfer, according to a blog her family set up to document her journey.

“For all of those people who believe that it's only because of what she eats, that's not true,” Lakdawala said in a You Tube video last month.

Now that everything is clear to you, that you have been well heated by our explanations on these webcam sex, we invite you to make your first choice of live sex show.Locals constructed a special bed with wheels that could hold Abd El Aty once she was out of the house.Video shot by the family showed a crane lifting Abd El Aty — lying in her specially made bed — out of a window of her home on an unspecified floor of an Alexandria building.For several precarious seconds, she dangled in the air as the crane paused, with workers shouting instructions to one another. At the time, Lakdawala told The Post that he was not sure how he would proceed with the treatment.In the months since, he and his team have drafted a four-year plan for Abd El Aty that will start with using medicine and a protein-rich diet to minimize water retention.

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