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The videos were 10-20 seconds each, were shot from what appeared to be a camera phone, and captured a series of unexpected and shocking events that required professional post-production and CGI.Needless to say, the studio had invested a significant amount of money in creating the videos but every time they put them online, they couldn’t get more than a few thousand views.Here are some guidelines we follow: Now that a video is ready to go, how the hell is it going to attract 100,000 viewers?The core concept of video marketing on You Tube is to harness the power of the site’s traffic.Here’s the idea: something like 80 million videos are watched each day on You Tube, and a significant number of those views come from people clicking the “Videos” tab at the top.The goal is to get a video on that Videos page, which lists the Daily Most Viewed videos.Titles can be changed a limitless number of times, so we sometimes have a catchy (and somewhat misleading) title for the first few days, then later switch to something more relevant to the brand.Recently, I’ve noticed a trend towards titling videos with the phrases “exclusive,” “behind the scenes,” and “leaked video.” If a video is sitting on the Most Viewed page with nineteen other videos, a compelling video thumbnail is the single best strategy to maximize the number of clicks the video gets.

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As we edit our videos, we make sure that the frame at the very middle is interesting.

Have you ever watched a video with 100,000 views on You Tube and thought to yourself: “How the hell did that video get so many views?

” Chances are pretty good that this didn’t happen naturally, but rather that some company worked hard to make it happen – some company like mine.

There are tens of thousands of videos uploaded to You Tube each day (I’ve heard estimates between 10-65,000 videos per day).

I don’t care how “viral” you think your video is; no one is going to find it and no one is going to watch it.

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