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Sam: We're discussing what it means when straight men with girlfriends send us flirtatious messages and selfies late at night. Sam: Let's start with this: What constitutes flirtatious?In my opinion, when a dude sends you a selfie late at night, it's like a cowardly digital bootycall. " but at the same time, "I'm being cautious about this."Eve: Especially if it's on Snapchat. Especially because I am my peak (publicly) slutty in my Snapchat story…

And the death threats he received were so numerous that he was advised to wear a bullet-proof vest under his vestments at his consecration.

Sam: Honestly, if I'm sliding and Eve: I usually don't state my intention just because I really need to meet someone IRL, or at least chat with them sorta extensively, to figure out how I feel about them. OK, anyways, I don't think there's a compelling reason to send a selfie unless it's like, "Look at me with this celebrity in this exceptional circumstance."Eve: There's seldom a legit reason to send a selfie except for, "Hey, I want to convey something about who I am at this very moment to this pretty girl who isn't in the same room with me."... Eve: Same, and on a disappointingly regular basis, I find out the guy does have a wife or girlfriend or has been a dick to women I know. Speaking of which, [redacted] needs to stop sending me photos in the middle of the night.

Eve: Were men more or less sus before the advent on the Internet?

Eve: I don't want people to think I'm "full of myself" in any capacity, but usually when a straight man gets in touch with me privately online—Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, whatever—he's flirting.

If you really don't want it be flirtatious, send me an email.

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