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Laxmi Narayan Tripathi (known as Laxmi, sometimes transliterated as Lakshmi) is a transgender rights activist, Hindi film actor and Bharatanatyam dancer in Mumbai, India. At the assembly, she spoke of the plight of sexual minorities. They should respect us as humans and consider our rights as transgenders," she said.

She is the first transgender person to represent Asia Pacific in the UN in 2008.

You may know Tara as the talented photographer who photographs many of the events in the Philly GLBTQ community with her company Freedom G Philly, and has also photographed for this blog as well.

Over 100 people gathered in the William Way Ballroom the first sunny Sunday afternoon in the new year, harnessing their energies and focusing them on Tara Lessard (l-r Patrick Hagerty, and Tara’s parents and friend) in a room where the chairs were placed in a circle.

She was fairly famous having admirers come from across the city to watch her dance.

However this was short lived as Maharashtra home minister RR Patil decided to shut down the city's dance bars. The dancers lost but Laxmi got her first taste for activism.

The idea of a community “Healthy Day” came from her friend, Diane Matkowski (c), who owns Freedom Massage.

She wanted Tara’s friends to come and share their good energy with Tara, give her lots of hugs, and raise much needed funds for her day to day care.

Yogi Marcy Mackay has traveled around the world three times in a “bikini” with The BEACH BOYS.

When Kavi started to appeal Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which made homosexuality a crime; Laxmi joined his team.

During a press conference with the media and Zee TV she appeared in full makeup and women's clothing.

Laxmi frequently gives interviews and otherwise represents the LGBT community in popular media. She was a participant in the Indian television show Bigg Boss (season 5). 10 Ka Dum with Salman Khan and Raaz Pichle Janam ka.

In Sach Ka Samna it was the first time India saw a transgender person on TV with their parents.

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