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I can still remember the applause for Jennifer that day, too, because that ovation still ranks right up there with the most fantastic responses from a crowd that I ever, ever heard on the tennis court."What Capriati was able to accomplish in that stretch of her career after not winning a single match at a major from 1994 till '99 is "amazing," Shriver maintains."Think about it," she says. Hingis, who turned pro at 14, once fired her mother as her coach.

"Jennifer still won as many majors as Lindsay Davenport, who was a four- or five-time and year-end No. Andre Agassi resented his father for forcing him to play as a young child and recently confessed to trying crystal meth.

Jaeger, who had seven shoulder surgeries, went on to establish the Silver Lining Ranch and the Little Star Foundation, which helps cancer-stricken kids and other children in need around the world. You don't learn skills to cope with ordinary situations, so you're always trying to navigate to a place of what?

But looking back on her youth, she says, "When I think of what I went through as a minor, oh God, it was hell sometimes. You didn't have those tools or develop your own voice to begin with."So, back to the original question: Who is Jennifer Capriati?

A later update said she was back home resting "comfortably." A request from to speak with Capriati or her mother was declined through an intermediary.

Partly as a response to her difficulties, the Women's Tennis Association finally passed a rule that sharply limited teenage players' schedules. With her 20th birthday approaching, and feeling "sick of losing," she began to right herself and became one of the best comeback stories tennis has ever seen. When Capriati recommitted to training in late 1999, the payoff was astounding.Just find me."Billie Jean King was Capriati's doubles partner the day Capriati turned pro at 13 years old in 1990.Chris Evert, Andrea Jaeger, Pam Shriver -- they were all successful teenage tennis pros, too, though not commoditized as instantly or intensely as Capriati was from day one."She's a fighter on the court and in life," says King."How she plays tennis is pretty revealing about her character.""She's a sweet girl, not a mean bone in her body, but very wary and guarded -- understandably so," says Evert. And act on that.'"Jennifer Capriati can still be whoever she wants to be."And she'll get there," Gimelstob says.

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