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Belvedere is staffed by many craftspeople in period costume. Same, 30 Mc Daniel, William, Prospect Hill, 71 Mc Limont, John, Tyre, 2350 Mc Connell, Sarah Jane, 14 Mc Donald, Donald, 40 Nesbitt, George, 387 Nesbitt, Joseph, 51 Norris, William, 132 Oakley, Sir Charles, trustees, Bunker's Hill, 1679 O'Conner, Richard, heirs of, Carrick Foyle, 432 Paterson, Thomas, heirs of, Downe Castle, 190 Parkinson, John, 19 Peters, Elizabeth, 80 Reynolds, Charles, heirs of, Clermont 423 Reid, James, 815 Reid, George, heirs of, Friendship, 1423 Reid, Mary H., Wakefield, 1421 Russell, John, Spring Hill, 25 Russell, Elizabeth, 28 Robertson, James, heirs of, 16300 Sutton and Swaby, 3166 Stothart, William, heirs of, Dundee, 1461 Scarlett, James, heirs of, Peru, 1550 Simpson, John, Tileston, 2197 Shedden, Robert, heirs of, Stewart Castle, 1918 Scott, George, Kinloss, 1499 Shirley, Henry, Hyde Hall, Etingdon, and Glamorgan, 4622 . Historians agree that in all the Dutch shipped about 550,000 African slaves across the Atlantic, about 75,000 of whom died on board before reaching their destinations.Visitors can watch a blacksmith at work, see a bakery using a clay oven, talk with an herbalist in a wattle and daub house and see a canoe-maker carving the trunk of a cottonwood tree. Same, Jock's Lodge, 519 Montague, Ann, Acton, 468 Maguire, Mary C., 28 Mowatt, William E., 200 Marshall, Elizabeth W., 19 Muir, James, estate of, 20 Morris, Ann, 32 Marrett, George, 67 Mitchell, Mathew, 11 Morison, John, heirs of, 82 Miller, William, 46 Marlow, Elizabeth, 28 Meats, William, 60 Mott, Richard, 42 Mc Kenzie, Charles, 69 . From 1596-1829, the Dutch traders sold 250,000 slaves in the Dutch Guianas, 142,000 in the Dutch Caribbean islands, and 28,000 in Dutch Brazil.[74] In addition, tens of thousands of slaves, mostly from India and some from Africa, were carried to the Dutch East Indies.[75] Between 18, the West Africa Squadron seized approximately 1,600 slave ships and freed 150,000 Africans who were aboard.[85] Action was also taken against African leaders who refused to agree to British treaties to outlaw the trade, for example against "the usurping King of Lagos", deposed in 1851.This meant that the island's focus could shift from defense to sugar planting.

mercantilist ideology largely explains the rise of the plantation system in the United States.

Today, a visit to the Barnett Estate offers you a look back at the past to the days when this land grew everything from sugarcane to coconuts.

You can take a one-hour horseback tour of the estate or a guided tour by a costumed docent. BELFIELD GREAT HOUSE 876-952-1709 Hours: daily, 10-5 Admission charged This restored historic house is open to visitors, with guided tours available before or after dinner. Same, 420 Warren, John, 12 _____________________________________________ The Croydon Pineapple and Coffee Plantation is very popular, and is located in Catadupa.

The Negro dealers were plied with it, were induced to drink till they lost their reason, and then the bargain was struck.

(Williams 19) African historian Lynn Pan (1975:7) .

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