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Bryant smiled and said, "Why do you think I'm the best player in the world?Because I never get bored with the basics." And Stein furthered his point, saying, "Success is not a result of what we do occasionally. The key is to take our own inventory: Are our habits of today on par with the dreams for tomorrow?As a fighter, he didn't want to become predictable, he knew that everything works, but nothing works forever.And one of the ways he continued to evolve is by what he calls a plus, minus, equal system.

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" But then he pointed out that if your child comes home with a 70 on his or her math test—it's a C-.Geeta Nadkarni, an award-winning journalist, television personality and founder of "Baby Got Booked," which teaches entrepreneurs how to do their own PR, taught the group how to use visualization to push our success forward.We need to see it and feel it in order to achieve our goals.And that's what they should be focusing on today to improve. Many of us pour time and energy into social media as a form of networking.But over the weekend the most I saw a phone being used for was a camera.

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