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I Have Good News To Bring / Sister Rosetta Tharpe, 1958 6. Praise be to Case Quarter for giving wings - "two wings" - to the story of an underappreciated but important figure in gospel music history.” – Bob Marovich, Host, "Gospel Memories" - WLUW 88.7 Chicago “I vividly remember the first time I heard Reverend Utah Smith in 1965 on a 78 rpm record on the Two Wing Temple label. Since that time I have longed to know more about this mysterious evangelist and pioneer of the electric guitar but have learned very little.

God Rode In On A Windstorm / Sister Sarah James and the Sanctified Six, c.1961 8. It's the best of both worlds: Lynn Abbott has contributed a fascinating examination of the life and music of Elder Utah Smith, and Case Quarter has compiled the original soundtrack, with rarities to please even the most rabid collector. Smith, heated responses by a chorus of young women, and manic, distorted electric guitar with the volume knob turned all the way up.

There’s A Two Wing Temple in the Sky / Johnny Wiggs and His New Orleans Music, 1949 13. Filled with fascinating anecdotes and first hand remembrances and testimonies, also features many rare and unpublished photographs and an 18-track CD produced by Case Quarter’s Kevin Nutt.

Two Wings / Elder Utah Smith and Congregation, date unknown possibly mid 1950s. Prayer Changes Things / Sister Sarah James and the Sanctified Six, 1961 18. firmly places Utah Smith within the Church of God of Christ tradition along with such COGIC contemporaries as Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Elder Curry and the Rev F W Mc Gee.

Gospel, like its savior, works in mysterious ways…and genres. ADVANCE RESPECT: “This project is a gift to gospel music scholars, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the roots of today's African American sacred music. • The accompanying 18-track CD, produced by Case Quarter’s Kevin Nutt, is the definitive collection of Elder Utah Smith’s recorded works (with 5 previously unreleased Utah tracks), and also features a stunning array of very rare contemporaneous tracks by COGIC friends and associates.“Some Folk Say” brings in a falsetto voice, and a peppier beat, and almost tastes like a hootenanny. In addition to his own singles collected here are records by Brother Ike Gordon and Caravan No.While I may reserve judgement regarding the big If in the sky, I’m fine worshipping the pride and joy of Hurtsboro." - Thurston Hunger, KFJC Radio The Case Quarter label launched in August 2003 with the Reverend Charlie Jackson archival collection, God’s Got It. 2 of Zachary, which feature Reverend Jackson as accompanist.

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