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As she stutters at the start of the act, “What you see up here may look like an adult, but it’s really a child with very long legs.” That self-perception, plus her palpable and perpetual fondness for Bono and Allman, suggest that the long-legged kid really is growing up.

Yet oddest and most curious of all is that the liaison that may have brought the greatest solidity to her life is with, of all people, Gene Simmons, the four-years-younger, fire-breathing and blood-spitting bass guitarist for the kinky kindergarten rock group Kiss.

But in the this-is-your-life scenes, she cut costs by hiring female impersonators to play her buddies Diana Ross and Bette Midler.

Also, the film footage, flashed on a large screen, of her children, Chastity Bono, 10, and Elijah Blue Allman, 3, was shot not by a high-priced documentarian but by her first husband and Chas’ father, Sonny.

For once, I don’t feel I have to get married,” says Cher, who attributes her newfound independence to the support and companionship of pal Kate Jackson.

“Before Kate I would never go anywhere alone,” says Cher.

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“I’m not saying marriage would never happen, but I’m not planning on it.

“The architect and I got a lot of ideas from the souvenir book that came with the TV movie ,” Cher admits ingenuously.

The two-story mansion is being built around a central courtyard with a glass roof that opens electrically.

As for the voice-over, Cher’s mother delivered the most telling line: “She always loved to be naked.” Similarly, the most stunning number was not ghosted but written by Cher herself.

My Song is a lament for her second husband, the drug-racked Southern boogie bandsman Gregg Allman.

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