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I am approaching your age and am still active in the lab. My heritage is Eastern European Jewish and German Lutheran, and I cared for my father, hands on, till he reached 92 and joined his fathers. I am always deeply indebted to you for giving me my first real job and am still proud to say I worked for you. I want to thank you for all of the help that you have given me in the past. Sincerely, Gemey and Andrew, Owens Art Gallery and Department of Chemistry. May your life experiences not go unnoticed among us. Matt, Ph D Friend, former Employee, Collector, ACS member Dr.As a Christian and a chemist again I say - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Both you and Aldrich were a major factor in the sucess of my company and my career. Matthew, Friend, Employee, Member of Scientific Community Mazel Tov to you on reaching this special milestone.We met many years ago in California when I was working with Kary Mullis and you were visiting various clients.I appreciate your long-standing contributions to organic chemistry and art. All Best, Corey, Member of Scientific Community Happy 90th Birthday.

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In our life there are two eras - Before Bader, when we had to prepare everything by ourselves, and - After Bader, when we could easily buy almost everything we needed for our research and education, therefore we could concentrate directly on our research, on our chemistry. After I continued my chemistry studies and eventually taught organic chemistry, your catalogues were like handbooks for my students. Demet, Member of Scientific Community Dear Alfred, Happy birthday and cordial congratulations!Although we have never met, I feel as if I have known for for a long time. The art–chemistry connection has always fascinated me ever since I got up close with Alfred's collection! On the occasion of your 90th birthday, may the entire community pause to reflect upon, to celebrate and to acknowledge the multitude of significant contributions both large and small that you have graciously and routinely provided to others.Paul, Member of Scientific Community Happy Birthday, Alfred! Always wondered what the Himalayas really looked like. It allows you're mind to be impressed by the virtual instant of the space much more than any video could imagine. " "चोमोलुङ्मा अकदम राम्रो रहेछ। धन्य छ यि रुस्की तावारीशरुलाई। Ýòî î÷åíü êðàñèâûé! Thanks for very good information that I could read in full passion. I know I ll never climb these intimidating mountains however I can truly appreciate it`s beauty from the comfort of my home thanks to you.

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