Indiana dating age laws

If the minor is engaged in target shooting at an authorized location under the supervision of a qualified person, it is legal under Indiana law.

If the minor is engaged in the practice of hunting or trapping with the appropriate license, then possession is permitted.

Those that are not mentally proficient to handle a firearm are also prohibited from purchasing firearms.

While rifles and shotguns are loosely regulated by Indiana law, there are more specific regulations regarding the purchasing and selling of handguns.

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Certain provisions are considered in the decision to provide for a restricted or unlimited license.

and also is like holding hands or kissing considered illegal if her parents are ok with it?

and if possible can i get a link to the article of indiana law that states such things?

Possession on school property, or property used by the school is considered illegal by Indiana law.

The exception to this provision is in regards to the transportation of a firearm by a qualified or eligible person.

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